How many email templates are there to choose from?
None. With eMarketerExpress, you don’t need to choose from a prepackaged template. We will create a customized template specifically for you that uses your logo and matches the colors of your website. You can decide what kind of layout you want, how many images, etc. We will create it and modify it until you are perfectly happy.

Can I create my own email and text message campaigns?
Yes. eMarketerExpress makes it easy to create new campaigns. Just edit the text however you want, and upload new images for emails. No technical expertise is necessary.

Do I need to create my own email and text campaigns?
No, we can do it for you. There is a small fee of $15 per campaign.

What if a customer wants to unsubscribe?
Every email contains an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Customers who click on this link are automatically removed from the mailing list. Customers can also send “STOP” via text to be unsubscribed from receiving text messages.

What if I only want some of my customers to receive a particular campaign?
eMarketerExpress allows you to segment customers into multiple mailing lists. When you create content, you can select which lists to send it to.

I already have a list of my customer’s email addresses/phone number. Can I use this list?
Yes, we can import an existing list of contact information into eMarketerExpress.

Can I send an email to a mailing list that I purchase?
No. The CAN-SPAM Act prohibits sending unsolicited emails. eMarketerExpress is for promoting your products and services to your existing customers or to people who have signed up to receive mailings.

Can I schedule a campaign to be sent on a specific day?
Yes, with eMarketerExpress you can do a same day message or click on a calendar to select a future date.

How can I keep track of when I have sent out messages?
eMarketerExpress includes a mail log. You can see a list of previous emails and/or texts, and click to see the original content.
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